The construction of Alba Marina Puerto Cancun has begun, in the so-called Stage I, 2,500 m3 of material have been dug and preliminary drilling has begun for the driving of the deep foundation based on prefabricated reinforced concrete piles with different sections according to the project and lengths ranging from 6 to 15 m., as well as drilling and construction of micropiles, two drilling machines for piles and one for micropiles are available. To date, 10% progress has been made in this stage, which is scheduled to last 4 months.

There is a Quality Control Laboratory on-site for the sampling of all the materials to be used, from reinforcing rods, mortars, and concrete to structural filler materials and their compaction, there is security personnel at the access to the site, a topography brigade, a security booth, a site warehouse, and a site supervision booth, a hygiene plan has been implemented due to the sanitary contingency by COVID 19, which is being followed rigorously.

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